Hello. My name is Yacoub Massad. I am a software developer and architect working mainly with Microsoft technologies like .NET and C#. I have a lot of interest in the topic of coding practices that aim at creating maintainable software. I have been learning about this topic and writing about it on my blog criticalsoftwareblog.com and on the DotNetCurry magazine.

In 2015, I wrote a blog post about the problems that I see in DI (Dependency Injection) containers, and why I think Pure DI is a better way to do Dependency Injection. I have been practicing Pure DI for more than 6 years composing classes in large and complex applications. In 2018, I had an idea which I wrote about in an article called Composing Honest Methods in C#. Since writing that article, I have been working in my spare time to make this idea into a tool. DIVEX is the result.

I have created this website to demonstrate the value of DIVEX and give people the option to try it out by providing the option to download a free evaluation version of the product, and by providing the option to try it out in the browser.